Apache Spark Multi-node setup

In this article, I’d be showing how to setup a 2-node Spark cluster. (i.e., a master and a slave/worker node)

Download the suitable distribution from Apache’s Spark website (select the version and the package type you’d want).

export SPARK_HOME=/ebs/apps/spark

export SPARK_HOME=/ebs/apps/spark
Enable ssh connectivity between master and slaves.

sudo apt-get install openssh-server
Configure Spark from commandline options. Following are the options for Spark master:
 -i HOST, --ip HOST Hostname to listen on (deprecated, please use --host or -h)
 -h HOST, --host HOST Hostname to listen on
 -p PORT, --port PORT Port to listen on (default: 7077)
 --webui-port PORT Port for web UI (default: 8080)
 --properties-file FILE Path to a custom Spark properties file.
 Default is conf/spark-defaults.conf.

More details here.

Set master node host IP to:

This bind IP enables connectivity from anywhere.


./sbin/start-master.sh -h


./sbin/start-slave.sh spark://<master-hostname-ip>:7077

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